“Throughout, it was clear that the content emerged from a deep conversation between choreographic thinking and technology …
What stayed with me most after the work was how, through subtle means, Nicely and Elswit created a work with visceral impact …
Breath Catalogue points to a different future wherein technology has the potential to facilitate embodiment.”

—Hope Mohr, The Body is The Brain


For art to be contemporary, it must reflect our current conditions.  Digital and information technology is part of the fabric of our society–it can exploit or it can inspire.  When handled thoughtfully, emerging technology can deepen the human experience, as Nicely and Elswit demonstrated in Breath Catalogue.”

—Joe Ferguson, SciArt in America


“Marrying intelligence and art together seamlessly.”

—Jim Tobin, Bay Area Dance Watch


*Listed as one of Bay Area Dance Watch‘s “Top 5 Dance/Theatre Moments” of 2015.


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